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 Maxine Nodel Fine Art

Original Art

Archival Reproductions

Limited Editions

"The art of Maxine Nodel is magical and deeply alchemical."
~ Ippolita Sicoli, 2021

My Art


I enjoy fusing metamorphic design with classical aesthetics to create intimate and emotive depictions. I incorporate extemporaneous line and three-dimensional design drawing with nature-based patterns to create fluid dramatic imagery. Using color in mosaic form as traditional shading or for interpretive abstraction, as well as bold black and white polymorphic form allows me to reveal the nuances of beauty of all subject matter- literal or metaphorical.


I'm drawn to the human form and to nature, both earthly and celestial. I also enjoy visually interpreting music; I 'see sound' and create intuitive imagery.   


My multimedia art has been influenced by an eclectic array of artists including Klimt, Escher, O'Keefe, Chagall, Rubins, Kandinsky, and Kollwitz. I work in graphite, ink, acrylic and oil-based marker, pastel, and color pencils on a variety of surfaces including paper, canvas, and rock.

The Hope Tree - Maxine Nodel_edited.jpg
Nodel-From the Inside Out_edited.jpg
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